Class AbstractReport<T,​R,​P>

  • Type Parameters:
    T - the report type
    R - the report result type
    P - the report parameters type
    All Implemented Interfaces:

    public abstract class AbstractReport<T,​R,​P>
    extends Object
    implements Report<T,​R,​P>
    A base class for wrapping reports, handles caching.
    • Field Detail

      • reportPath

        protected final String reportPath
    • Constructor Detail

      • AbstractReport

        protected AbstractReport​(String reportPath,
                                 boolean cacheReport)
        Instantiates a new AbstractReport.
        reportPath - the report path, relative to the central report path Report.REPORT_PATH.
        cacheReport - true if the report should be cached when loaded
    • Method Detail

      • equals

        public final boolean equals​(Object obj)
        equals in class Object
      • hashCode

        public final int hashCode()
        hashCode in class Object
      • isCached

        public final boolean isCached()
        Specified by:
        isCached in interface Report<T,​R,​P>
        true if this report has been cached
      • clearCache

        public final void clearCache()
        Description copied from interface: Report
        Clears the report cache, if caching is not enabled calling this method has no effect
        Specified by:
        clearCache in interface Report<T,​R,​P>