Class HttpEntityConnectionProvider

    • Field Detail


        public static final PropertyValue<String> HTTP_CLIENT_HOST_NAME
        The host on which to locate the http server
        Value type: String
        Default value: localhost

        public static final PropertyValue<Integer> HTTP_CLIENT_PORT
        The port which the http client should use.
        Value type: Integer
        Default value: 8080

        public static final PropertyValue<Boolean> HTTP_CLIENT_SECURE
        Specifies whether https should be used.
        Value types: Boolean
        Default value: true
    • Constructor Detail

      • HttpEntityConnectionProvider

        public HttpEntityConnectionProvider()
        Instantiates a new HttpEntityConnectionProvider.
      • HttpEntityConnectionProvider

        public HttpEntityConnectionProvider​(String serverHostName,
                                            Integer serverPort,
                                            Boolean https)
        Instantiates a new HttpEntityConnectionProvider.
        serverHostName - the server host name
        serverPort - the server port
        https - true if https should be used
    • Method Detail

      • getConnectionType

        public String getConnectionType()
        Returns a String specifying the type of connection provided by this connection provider
        a String specifying the type of connection, e.g. "local" or "remote"
      • getDescription

        public String getDescription()
        a string describing the server connection
      • getServerHostName

        public String getServerHostName()
        the name of the host of the server providing the connection