Class DefaultEntityConnectionServer

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        public static final PropertyValue<String> SERIALIZATION_FILTER_WHITELIST
        The serialization whitelist file to use if any

        public static final PropertyValue<Boolean> SERIALIZATION_FILTER_DRYRUN
        If true then the serialization whitelist specified by SERIALIZATION_FILTER_WHITELIST is populated with the names of all deserialized classes on server shutdown. Note this overwrites the file if it already exists.

        public static final PropertyValue<String> SERVER_CONNECTION_POOL_PROVIDER_CLASS
        Specifies the class name of the connection pool provider to user, if none is specified the internal connection pool is used if necessary
        Value type: String
        Default value: none
        See Also:

        public static final PropertyValue<Integer> SERVER_CONNECTION_LIMIT
        Specifies maximum number of concurrent connections the server accepts
        -1 indicates no limit and 0 indicates a closed server. Value type: Integer
        Default value: -1

        public static final PropertyValue<String> SERVER_CLIENT_CONNECTION_TIMEOUT
        Specifies the default client connection timeout (ms) in a comma separated list. Example: org.jminor.demos.empdept.client.ui.EmpDeptAppPanel:60000,org.jminor.demos.chinook.ui.ChinookAppPanel:120000 Value type: String
        Default value: none

        public static final PropertyValue<Boolean> SERVER_CLIENT_LOGGING_ENABLED
        The initial connection logging status on the server, either true (on) or false (off)
        Value type: Boolean
        Default value: false

        public static final PropertyValue<String> SERVER_CONNECTION_POOLING_STARTUP_POOL_USERS
        Specifies a comma separated list of username:password combinations for which to create connection pools on startup Example: scott:tiger,john:foo,paul:bar

        public static final PropertyValue<String> SERVER_CONNECTION_VALIDATOR_CLASSES
        Specifies a comma separated list of ConnectionValidator class names, which should be initialized on server startup, these classes must be available on the server classpath and contain a parameterless constructor
        See Also:

        public static final PropertyValue<String> SERVER_LOGIN_PROXY_CLASSES
        Specifies a comma separated list of LoginProxy class names, which should be initialized on server startup, these classes must be available on the server classpath and contain a parameterless constructor
        See Also:

        public static final PropertyValue<String> SERVER_DOMAIN_MODEL_CLASSES
        Specifies a comma separated list of domain model class names, these classes must be available on the server classpath
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        protected static final org.slf4j.Logger LOG
    • Constructor Detail

      • DefaultEntityConnectionServer

        public DefaultEntityConnectionServer​(String serverName,
                                             int serverPort,
                                             int serverAdminPort,
                                             int registryPort,
                                             Database database,
                                             boolean sslEnabled,
                                             int connectionLimit,
                                             Collection<String> domainModelClassNames,
                                             Collection<String> loginProxyClassNames,
                                             Collection<String> connectionValidatorClassNames,
                                             Collection<User> startupPoolUsers,
                                             Collection<String> auxiliaryServerClassNames,
                                             boolean clientLoggingEnabled,
                                             int connectionTimeout,
                                             Map<String,​Integer> clientSpecificConnectionTimeouts,
                                             User adminUser)
                                      throws RemoteException
        Constructs a new DefaultEntityConnectionServer and binds it to a registry on the given port
        serverName - the serverName
        serverPort - the port on which to make the server accessible
        serverAdminPort - the port on which to make the server admin interface accessible
        registryPort - the registry port to use
        database - the Database implementation
        sslEnabled - if true then ssl is enabled
        connectionLimit - the maximum number of concurrent connections, -1 for no limit
        domainModelClassNames - the domain model classes to load on startup
        loginProxyClassNames - the login proxy classes to initialize on startup
        connectionValidatorClassNames - the connection validation classes to initialize on startup
        startupPoolUsers - the users for which to initialize connection pools on startup
        auxiliaryServerClassNames - the class names of auxiliary servers to run alongside this server
        clientLoggingEnabled - if true then client logging is enabled on startup
        connectionTimeout - the idle connection timeout
        clientSpecificConnectionTimeouts - client specific connection timeouts, mapped to clientTypeId
        adminUser - the admin user
        RemoteException - in case of a remote exception
        RuntimeException - in case the domain model classes are not found on the classpath or if the jdbc driver class is not found or in case of an exception while constructing the initial pooled connections