Interface LoginProxy

  • public interface LoginProxy
    A login proxy.
    • Method Detail

      • clientTypeId

        String clientTypeId()
        the String identifying the client type for which to use this login proxy, null to share between all clients
      • login

        RemoteClient login​(RemoteClient remoteClient)
                    throws LoginException
        Performs login validation for the user specified by the remote client and returns a remote client with the same clientId and user but possibly a different databaseUser to propagate to further login procedures
        remoteClient - the client
        a new client with the same clientId but not necessarily the same user or databaseUser
        LoginException - in case the login fails
        See Also:
      • logout

        void logout​(RemoteClient remoteClient)
        Called after the given client has been disconnected
        remoteClient - the remote client
      • close

        void close()
        Disposes of all resources used by this LoginProxy, after a call to this method the proxy should be regarded as unusable. This method should be called by a server using this LoginProxy on shutdown, giving the LoginProxy a chance to release resources in an orderly manner. Any exception thrown by this method is ignored.