Class DefaultEntityComponentFactory<T,​A extends Attribute<T>,​C extends JComponent>

    • Constructor Detail

      • DefaultEntityComponentFactory

        public DefaultEntityComponentFactory()
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      • createComponentValue

        public ComponentValue<T,​C> createComponentValue​(A attribute,
                                                              SwingEntityEditModel editModel,
                                                              T initialValue)
        Description copied from interface: EntityComponentFactory
        Provides value input components for multiple entity update, override to supply specific ComponentValue implementations for attributes.
        Specified by:
        createComponentValue in interface EntityComponentFactory<T,​A extends Attribute<T>,​C extends JComponent>
        attribute - the attribute for which to get the ComponentValue
        editModel - the edit model used to create foreign key input models
        initialValue - the initial value to display
        the ComponentValue handling input for attribute