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Codion Application Framework

Codion is a full stack, rich client, CRUD application framework, based on Java, Swing and JDBC.

Feature overview


The documentation is a work in progress.

NOTE: The documentation for the jdk8 and jdk11 versions is close to identical as is, but may diverge in future versions.

Version JDK  
0.17.16 jdk8 documentation
0.17.16 jdk11 documentation


The Codion framework has not been released. Planned release is in 2023.


The Codion framework will be released under the GPL open source license.

Github Discussions

Github Discussions

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Development started way back in 2004. This was after I had given up trying to use a rich client framework based on drag’n drop, wizard-driven development, which turned out to be absolutely horrifying for someone who really enjoys writing code. This was before the time of Spring, JOOQ, Hibernate and all these excellent frameworks, so I started from scratch, with the aim of using only Java Standard Edition components, JDBC, Swing and RMI.