Interface EntityPanel.DetailLayout

All Known Implementing Classes:
TabbedDetailLayout, WindowDetailLayout
Enclosing class:

public static interface EntityPanel.DetailLayout
Handles the layout of a EntityPanel with one or more detail panels.
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    • updateUI

      default void updateUI()
      Updates the UI of all associated components. Override to update the UI of components that may be hidden and therefore not updated along with the component tree.
    • layout

      default Optional<JComponent> layout()
      Lays out a given EntityPanel along with its detail panels. In case of no special detail panel layout requirements, this method should return an empty Optional.
      the panel laid out with it detail panels or an empty Optional in case of no special layout component.
      IllegalStateException - in case the panel has no detail panels or if it has already been laid out
    • controller

      default Optional<EntityPanel.DetailController> controller()
      the detail controller for this layout, an empty Optional if none is available