All Classes and Interfaces

An abstract base implementation of ComponentValue.
A base class for Condition implementations.
A default base implementation of the ConnectionPool wrapper, handling the collection of statistics
A default abstract implementation of the Database interface.
A base class for Dialog builders.
A base class for testing EntityApplicationModel subclasses.
An abstract EntityConnectionProvider implementation.
A default EntityEditModel implementation
A base class for testing EntityModel subclasses.
A base class for testing EntityTableModel subclasses.
An abstract base class for usage scenarios based on SwingEntityApplicationModel instances
A default swing based FilteredModel.Refresher.
An abstract base class for ForeignKey based ColumnConditionModels.
A base class for remote connections served by a EntityServer.
A base class for wrapping reports, handles caching.
A default Server implementation.
Represents a remote client connection.
An abstract ComponentValue implementation for a text component.
An abstract usage scenario.
An abstract Value implementation handling everything except the value itself.

The constructor parameter notify specifies whether this Value instance should automatically call AbstractValue.notifyListeners() when the value is set or changed via AbstractValue.set(Object).
Builds a dialog with a button panel based on actions.
Typed Attribute.
Provides AttributeDefinition.Builder instances.
Defines the data type of an Attribute
Defines an Attribute.
Builds a attribute definition instance
Supplies values, for example default ones.
The possible audit actions
A column definition representing an audit column
An exception indication an authentication failure
An authenticator.
Auxiliary servers to be run in conjunction with a Server must implement this interface.
Provides a AuxiliaryServer implementation.
A Types.BLOB based column attribute
Builds a ColumnDefinition for a boolean column.
Builds a JPanel instance using a BorderLayout.
Utility class for working with Borders.
Builds buttons.
Builds a JPanel with buttons.
Builds a dialog for displaying a calendar for date/time input.
A panel presenting a calendar for date/time selection.

For a CalendarPanel without time fields use the CalendarPanel.dateCalendarPanel() factory method.
For a CalendarPanel with time fields use the CalendarPanel.dateTimeCalendarPanel() factory method.

Keyboard navigation:

Previous/next year: CTRL + left/right arrow or down/up arrow.
Previous/next month: SHIFT + left/right arrow or down/up arrow.
Previous/next week: ALT + up/down arrow.
Previous/next day: ALT + left/right arrow.
Previous/next hour: SHIFT-ALT + left/right arrow or down/up arrow.
Previous/next minute: CTRL-ALT + left/right arrow or down/up arrow.
Used when actions must be cancelled from deep within a call stack.
A DocumentFilter implementation with automatic conversion to upper or lower case.
Specifies possible case conversions for document text.
Builds a JCheckBox.
Builds a JCheckBoxMenuItem.
A ClientInstanceMonitor
A ClientInstanceMonitorPanel
Encapsulates a collection of server access log entries and basic connection access info.
A ClientMonitor
A ClientMonitorPanel
Utility methods for remote clients
A ClientUserMonitor for monitoring connected clients and users connected to a server
A ClientUserMonitorPanel
Provides background/foreground colors for entities.
Utilities class for Color.
An Attribute representing a table column.
Provides ColumnDefinition.Builder instances.
Converts to and from SQL values, such as integers being used to represent booleans in a database.
Fetches a single value from a result set.
A condition based on a single Column.
Creates ColumnConditions.
Specifies a condition model based on a table column, parameters, operator, upper bound and lower bound, as well as relevant events and states.
The possible automatic wildcard types
Builds a ColumnConditionModel instance.
Responsible for creating ColumnConditionModel instances.
A UI implementation for ColumnConditionModel.
Provides equal, upper and lower bound input fields for a ColumnConditionPanel
Responsible for creating ColumnConditionPanels
Specifies a attribute definition based on a table column
The summary types available to the default summary model
A interface defining a class for providing summaries of numerical table columns: sum, average, minimum, maximum and minimum & maximum.
For instances use the ColumnSummaryModel.columnSummaryModel(SummaryValueProvider) factory method.
Specifies a summary provider
Provides the values on which to base the summary .
The values to base a summary on.
A panel that shows a summary value for a numerical column property.
Builds a JComboBox.
Selects an item in a JComboBox based on values typed on the keyboard.
Based on code originally from:
Included with permission.
The available completion modes.
Specifies whether to normalize accented characters in a String.
Builds a JComponent.
Note that once or ComponentBuilder.buildValue() have been called they will return the same instance on subsequent calls until the builder has been cleared by calling ComponentBuilder.clear().
A builder for JDialog containing a single component.
A factory for ComponentBuilder instances.
A Value represented by an input component of some sort.
Components is a factory for ComponentValue implementations.
Specifies a query condition.
A condition specifying all entities of a given type, a no-condition.
An interface encapsulating a combination of Condition instances, that should be either AND'ed or OR'ed together in a query context
Provides condition strings for where clauses
Defines a custom condition type.
A utility class for central configuration values.
Provides new Connection instances.
An exception indicating that the server is not accepting new connections
Provides connection pool implementations
A ConnectionPoolMonitor
A ConnectionPoolMonitorPanel
An interface encapsulating the state of a connection pool at a given time.
An interface encapsulating database connection pool statistics
A connection pool wrapper, providing statistics from the underlying pool and allowing some configuration.
Responsible for providing JDBC Connection instances.
Encapsulates information about a client required by a server for establishing a connection
A builder for ConnectionRequest
A beefed up Action.
A command interface, allowing Controls based on ActionEvents.
A builder for Control
A command interface, allowing Controls based on method references
Builds panels with controls.
A collection of controls and separators, note that these can be nested controls.
A builder for Controls
A Condition based on a custom ConditionProvider associated with ConditionType
Defines DBMS specific functionality as well as basic database configuration settings.
Specifies common database operations.
Counts queries for statistics.
The possible select for update support values.
Encapsulates basic database usage statistics.
Manages a Connection instance, providing basic transaction control.
An exception coming from a database-layer.
Provides Database implementations
A database function
A DatabaseMonitor
A DatabaseMonitorPanel
ObjectMapper implementation for EntityConnection.Select and EntityConnection.Update.
A database procedure
Provides db2 database implementations
A default DetailModelLink implementation which does nothing.
A default Domain implementation.
A default Entities implementation.
A central application model class.
A default EntityComponentFactory implementation.
A default EntityModel implementation.
A default EntityObjectMapperFactory implementation, extend to add custom serialisers/deserializers.

Subclasses should be exposed as a service.
A default EntityValidator implementation providing null validation for attributes marked as not null, item validation for item based attributes, range validation for numerical attributes with max and/or min values specified and string length validation based on the specified max length.
A default FilteredTableCellRenderer.Builder implementation.
A default ForeignKeyDetailModelLink implementation.
A default FrameworkIcons implementation.
Builds a HttpEntityConnectionProvider instance.
A base server admin implementation.
An exception indicating a failed delete operation
Provides derby database implementations
Responsible for providing values derived from other values
Provides the source values from which to derive the value.
A definition for attributes which value is derived from the values of one or more attribute.
Represents a link between a master and detail model.
A base interface for JDialog builders
A utility class for displaying Dialogs.
Represents an application domain model, entities, reports and database operations.
Identifies a domain model and serves as a factory for EntityType instances associated with this domain model type.
A repository containing the EntityDefinitions for a given domain.
Represents a row in a table or query.
A builder for Entity instances.
Represents a unique column combination for a given entity.
A builder for Entity.Key instances.
A central application model class.
A central application panel class.
Handles laying out an EntityApplicationPanel.
Builds a EntityApplicationPanel and starts the application.
A factory for a EntityConnectionProvider instance.
Provides a way for a user to login.
A class for testing EntityApplicationPanel classes
A UI component based on the EntityComboBoxModel.
A ComboBoxModel based on an Entity, showing by default all the entities in the underlying table.
A EntityComboBox based panel, with optional buttons for adding and editing items.
A builder for a EntityComboBoxPanel
A factory for ComponentValue implementations.
A factory for ComponentBuilder instances based on attributes from a given entity definition.
A factory class for adding validators to components.
A default ColumnConditionModel.Factory implementation for creating condition models.
A default ColumnConditionPanel.Factory implementation.
A connection to a database, for querying and manipulating Entitys and running database operations specified by a single Domain model.
Copies a set of entities between a source and destination connection, performing a commit after each batchSize number of inserts, unless the destination connection has an open transaction.
A builder for a EntityConnection.Copy operation.
A class encapsulating count query parameters.
Builds a EntityConnection.Copy instance.
Inserts entities in batches, performing a commit after each batchSize number of inserts, unless the destination connection has an open transaction.
A builder for EntityConnection.Insert operation.
A class encapsulating select query parameters.
A class encapsulating a where clause along with columns and their associated values for update.
Specifies a class responsible for providing a single EntityConnection instance.
Builds a EntityConnectionProvider instances
Specifies an entity definition.
Holds the attribute definitions for an entity type
Builds a EntityDefinition
Holds the column definitions for an entity type
Holds the foreign key definitions for an entity type
Holds the primary key definition for an entity type
Displays the given dependencies in a tabbed pane.
Provides edit and selection dialogs for entities.
Builds a dialog for editing single attributes for one or more entities
A builder for EntityDialogs.EntitySelectionDialog.
A base class for entity edit panels, providing components for editing entities.
A central event hub for listening for entity inserts, updates and deletes.
Specifies a class for editing Entity instances.
A UI component based on a EntityEditModel.
Handles displaying confirmation messages for common actions to the user.
The actions meriting user confirmation
The standard controls available to the EditPanel
A base class for testing a EntityEditPanel
A class for running multiple EntityApplicationModel instances for load testing purposes.
Specifies a class responsible for, among other things, coordinating a EntityEditModel and an EntityTableModel.
Entity object mapper for mapping Entity and Entity.Key to and from JSON.

For instances use the EntityObjectMapper.entityObjectMapper(Entities) factory method.
Provides EntityObjectMapper instances for a given domain.
DefaultEntityObjectMapperFactory is provided for
A panel representing an Entity via a EntityModel, which facilitates browsing and editing of records.
A builder for EntityPanel instances.
Controls the detail panels of a entity panel
The navigation and resizing directions.
Handles the layout of a EntityPanel
The possible states of a detail or edit panel.
Selects an entity panel.
A ColumnConditionModel implementation based on a EntitySearchModel.
A UI component based on the EntitySearchModel.
Builds a entity search field.
The ways which a search field can indicate that a search is in progress.
Provides a way for the user to select one or more of a given set of entities
A EntitySearchField based panel, with optional buttons for adding and editing items.
A builder for a EntitySearchFieldPanel
Searches for entities based on a search text and set of String based condition columns.
A builder for a EntitySearchModel.
Column search settings
A remote server class, responsible for handling requests for AbstractRemoteEntityConnections.
Defines the entity server admin service methods.
Basic information about a entity definition.
Basic information about an operation.
Basic information about a report.
Configuration values for a EntityServer.
A Builder for EntityServerConfiguration
A monitor for the EntityServer
A UI based on the EntityServerMonitor model
Provides a EntityService auxiliary server instance.
This interface defines filtering functionality, which refers to showing/hiding entities already available in a table model and searching functionality, which refers to configuring the underlying query, which then needs to be re-run.
Factory for EntityTableConditionModel instances via EntityTableConditionModel.entityTableConditionModel(EntityType, EntityConnectionProvider, ColumnConditionModel.Factory)
Specifies a table model containing Entity instances.
Represents preferences for an Attribute based table column.
Represents preferences for a ColumnConditionModel
Defines the actions a table model can perform when entities are inserted via the associated edit model
The EntityTablePanel is a UI class based on the EntityTableModel class.
Specifies how column selection is presented.
The standard controls available
Specifies the refresh button visibility.
A class for unit testing a domain model.
Utility methods for creating and manipulating Entity instances for testing purposes.
A JTree extension based on SwingEntityTreeModel.
Defines an Entity type and serves as a Factory for Attribute instances associated with this entity type.
Responsible for providing validation for entities.
An event class.
Manages listeners for an Event.
An exception dialog builder.
For instances use the FileInputPanel.fileInputPanel(JTextField) factory method.
A builder for a file/directory selection dialog
Handles the importing of files during drag'n drop operations.
A default combo box model implementation based on FilteredModel.
Responsible for finding an item of type FilteredComboBoxModel.ItemFinder by a single value of type FilteredComboBoxModel.ItemFinder.
Specifies a data model that can be filtered to hide some or all of the items it contains.
An abstract base implementation of FilteredModel.Refresher.
Handles refreshing data for a FilteredModel.
A JTable implementation for FilteredTableModel.
A builder for a FilteredTable
Specifies whether to center the scrolled to row and or column.
Provides TableCellRenderer implementations for FilteredTable via FilteredTableCellRenderer.builder(FilteredTableModel, Object, Class).
Provides cell specific color.
A factory for TableCellRenderer instances.
A TableColumn with a typed identifier.
A builder for FilteredTableColumn instances.
A panel that synchronizes child component sizes and positions to table columns.
A TableColumnModel handling hidden columns.
Contains the filter panels.
Specifies a table model supporting selection as well as filtering
A builder for a FilteredTableModel.
Provides columns for a FilteredTableModel.
Provides the column value for a row and column
Specifies the from and to rows of a row removal operation.
Handles searching through a FilteredTableModel
Holds a row/column coordinate
A selection model for a FilteredTableModel.
Handles the column sorting states for a FilteredTableModel.
Specifies a sorting state for a column.
Grid Layout which allows components of different sizes.
A builder for FlexibleGridLayout.
A FontImageIcon
A builder for a FontImageIcon.
Paints a FontIcon onto an Image Icon
Creates a ImageIcon on which to paint the FontIcon
Builds a dialog for selecting the font size.
An Attribute representing a foreign key relation.
Provides ForeignKeyDefinition.Builder instances.
Represents a foreign key reference between columns.
A ForeignKey based condition.
Represents a reference to another entity, typically but not necessarily based on a foreign key.
Represents a link between a master and detail model based on a foreign key.
Provides icons for framework ui components.
A class containing shared i18n messages used by the framework.
Provides h2 database implementations
A HikariCP connection pool based ConnectionPoolFactory implementation
A text field which displays a hint text when it is not the focus owner and contains no text.
A HostMonitor
A HostMonitorPanel
Provides hsql database implementations
A factory class for http based EntityConnection builder.
Builds a http based EntityConnection
A class responsible for managing a HttpEntityConnection.
Builds a HttpEntityConnectionProvider instance.
Provides icons for ui components.
Displays the component from a given component value in a dialog and returns the value if the user accepts the input.
A class encapsulating a constant value and a caption representing the value.
Builds a item combo box.
A ComboBoxModel implementation based on the Item class.
ItemRandomizer provides a way to randomly choose an item based on a weight value.
Wraps an item for usage in the ItemRandomizer.
A default UI for the ItemRandomizer class.
A builder for JSpinner based on a list of Items.
An exception used to indicate that an item value is invalid.
Factory for Report based on JasperReports.
A default JRDataSource implementation which iterates through the iterator received via the constructor.
A JasperReport.
A Jasper Reports report.
A java.util.logging LoggerProxy implementation
A factory for key event builders.
A Builder for adding a key event to a component, with a default onKeyRelease trigger and condition JComponent.WHEN_FOCUSED.
Generates primary key values for entities on insert.
A builder for JLabel.
A utility class for layouts.
An exception used to indicate that a value associated with a key exceeds the allowed length.
Builds a multi-selection JList.
A builder for JSpinner based on a list of values.
Specifies a class for running multiple application instances for load testing purposes.
Describes a load test application.
Builds a LoadTestModel.
A default UI component for the LoadTestModel class.
Specifies a locale sensitive numerical date format pattern.
A Builder for LocaleDateTimePattern.
EntityConnection implementation based on a local JDBC connection.
A class responsible for managing a local EntityConnection.
A Log4j LoggerProxy implementation
A Logback LoggerProxy implementation
A logging proxy facilitating the setting of log levels
A login dialog builder.
Validates a login attempt.
An exception indicating that a login has failed
Provides logos.
A combo box for selecting a LookAndFeel.
Provides a LookAndFeel implementation.
Builds a dialog for selecting a look and feel.
Provides mariadb database implementations
Builds a formatted text field.
Builds a MaskFormatter instance.
A utility class for memory usage information.
A text field containing information about the memory usage in KB.
A builder for menus.
Builds a JMenuItem.
A class providing shared i18n messages.
A database metadata column.
A method call logger allowing logging of nested method calls.
Provides String representations of method arguments for log display.
Provides String representations of method arguments.
A method logger entry.
Exception used when one record was expected but many were found.
Provides mysql database implementations
NavigableImagePanel is a lightweight container displaying an image that can be zoomed in and out and panned with ease and simplicity, using an adaptive rendering for high quality display and satisfactory performance.
Defines zoom devices.
A JCheckBox implementation, which allows null values, via NullableToggleButtonModel.
A ToggleButtonModel implementation, which allows the null state.
Utility methods for checking if arguments are null or empty, if applicable.
An exception used to indicate that a null value was being associated with a key which does not allow null values.
A text field for numbers.
Builds a NumberField
A builder for number based JSpinner
Builds a modal dialog for displaying the given component, with OK and Cancel buttons based on the given actions.
Enumerating all the available operator types.
Provides oracle database implementations
Specifies an order by clause.
Builds a OrderBy instance.
Specifies how to handle null values during order by.
Specifies an order by column and whether it's ascending or descending
Builds a JPanel instance.
Parses a value from a string
The result of parsing a value from a String
A DocumentFilter which parses a value from the document text and allows for validation of the parsed value.
Builds a JPasswordField.
A class responsible for monitoring the connection pools of a given EntityServer.
A PoolMonitorPanel
Provides postgresql database implementations
A utility class for working with primitives.
Builds a JProgressBar.
A dialog containing a progress bar.
A builder for ProgressDialog.
A SwingWorker implementation.
Builds a ProgressWorker instance.
Reports progress and publishes intermediate results for a ProgressWorker
A progress aware background task.
A background task.
A builder for a ProgressWorker implementation which displays a progress bar in a modal dialog while background work is being performed.
Provides configuration values which sync with system properties when set.
Formats a property value, can f.ex.
A Value associated with a named property.
Builds a simple dynamic proxy for a single interface.
A proxy method.
Parameters available to the invocation handler when calling a proxy method.
A load test implementation for testing database queries.
A class used internally
A usage scenario based on an SQL query.
Exception thrown when a statement has timed out or been cancelled.
Builds a JRadioButton.
Builds a JRadioButtonMenuItem.
An exception used to indicate that a value associated with a key which not fall within the allowed range of values.
An exception indicating that the row in question has been modified or deleted since it was loaded.
Exception used when an expected record was not found.
The possible actions to take on a referential integrity error.
An exception indication a referential integrity failure
Contains basic information about a remote client
A remote EntityConnection.
A class responsible for managing a remote entity connection.
A wrapper for a report
An exception occurring during report generation.
Identifies a report.
Iterates through a ResultSet fetching instances of T.
A ResultPacker packs the contents of a ResultSet into a List.
A utility class for rounding doubles.
A builder for JScrollPane
Highlights search results in a JTextComponent.
Instantiate via the SearchHighlighter.searchHighlighter(JTextComponent) factory method.
A builder for a selection dialog.
Provides the user with the ability to select a value.
Defines a select query or parts of a select query, that is, from, column, where and orderBy clauses.
Builds a SelectQuery.
Utility class for separators.
Implements a serialization whitelist
Utility class for serialization.
Server<C extends Remote,A extends ServerAdmin>
A server for serving remote interfaces
Locates Servers by name on a registry.
A builder for Server.Locator instances.
Administration interface for a RemoteServer.
Garbage collection event
Basic server performance statistics.
Thread statistics
An exception indicating that a login has failed due to an authentication error, invalid username or password
Configuration values for a Server.
A Builder for ServerConfiguration
An exception originating from a remote server
Encapsulates static server information
A ServerMonitor
A ServerMonitorPanel
A Document implementation which allows for setting the max text length and automatic conversion to upper or lower case.
Utility class for setting component sizes.
A builder for JSpinner
A builder for JSpinner.
A builder for JSplitPane.
Provides sqlite database implementations
Provides sql server database implementations
A class encapsulating a boolean state, non-nullable with null values translated to false.
A state which combines a number of states, either ANDing or ORing those together when determining its own state.
A State.Group deactivates all other states when a state in the group is activated.
Specifies an observer for a State instance.
Factory class for building functions for String representations of Entity instances.
Given a Entity instance named entity containing the following mappings:
A Builder for a string function, which provides toString() values for entities.
A Swing DefaultDetailModelLink implementation.
A Swing implementation of EntityApplicationModel
Provides table columns based on an entity definition.
A Swing ColumnConditionModel.Factory implementation using EntityComboBoxModel for foreign keys based on small datasets
A Swing implementation of EntityEditModel.
A Swing implementation of EntityModel
A TableModel implementation for displaying and working with entities.
A basic tree model for viewing self-referential entities, using a SwingEntityTableModel as a data source.
A tree node based on an Entity instance.
A Swing DefaultForeignKeyDetailModelLink implementation.
Handles i18n for Swing components
EntityApplicationPanel layout based on a JTabbedPane.
A builder for a JTabbedPane.
Builds a Tab for a TabbedPaneBuilder.
A EntityPanel.PanelLayout implementation based on a JTabbedPane.
Represents a database table
A table selection model
A task scheduler based on a ScheduledExecutorService, scheduled at a fixed rate, using a daemon thread by default.
A builder for TaskScheduler
A JFormattedTextField for Temporal types.
Use TemporalField.getTemporal() and TemporalField.setTemporal(Temporal) for accessing and setting the value.
A builder for TemporalField.
Parses a Temporal value from text with a provided formatter
A panel for a TemporalField with button for displaying a calendar
A utility class for working with text, such as sorting and reading from files
Left or right alignment
Builds a JTextArea.
A builder for text components.
A utility class for JTextComponents.
Builds a JTextField.
A panel that includes a JTextField in a BorderLayout.CENTER position and a button in BorderLayout.EAST which opens a JTextArea for editing long strings.
A builder for TextFieldPanel.
Builds a JToggleButton.
Specifies how toggle buttons are presented.
A Control for toggling a boolean value.
A builder for ToggleControl
Builds a toggle menu item.
Specifies whether a menu is kept open after a toggle menu item has been toggled.
A Tomcat connection pool based ConnectionPoolFactory implementation
A builder for a JToolBar.
A utility class for adding focus traversal events based on the Enter key.
An attribute that does not map to an underlying database column.
Builds a transient AttributeDefinition instance
A utility class for initializing default UIManager values, default ok, cancel button captions and such.
An exception indication a unique constraint failure
An exception indicating a failed update operation
Specifies when a text field based component value should update the underlying value.
Specifies a load test usage scenario.
Describes the results of a load test scenario run
Encapsulates a username and password.
A utility class for working with user preferences
A utility class for UI related things.
A DocumentFilter extension providing validation and parsing.
An exception used to indicate that an attribute value is invalid.
An observable wrapper for a value.
Specifies when a Value instance notifies its listeners.
A read only value observer
An observable wrapper for one or more values, including a possible null value.
Specifies a version and serves as a factory class for Version instances.
Utility class for showing a wait cursor.
A utility class for windows, dialogs and frames.
A builder for a JFrame.